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Pen-Ek Ratanaruang


Local Color Films

Director's Statement

We all know how excessive and wasteful film production can be. Even to produce a two-minute film warning people about waste and pollution, we produce more waste and pollution by making this two-minute film. So we want to produce a film that actually practices, with real and tangible action, what it preaches: Recycling. We hire no cast or crew, build no set, damage no location, rent no costume, lights, camera or any equipment and have no catering. In fact, we don't even shoot a single frame of film. Just me and my editor going through existing footage, as if one would go through one's own closet, buying the rights from various owners, rearranging the footage to make up an entertaining stc Adobe Flash Player id transferring the finished film on to 1 a dvd. That's it. We want people to leave the cinema and start practicing the same thing in their daily lives.