3 Ages



3 Ages




Noth Thongsriphong - Bryan Ott - Sutthinan Ampornchatchawan


Pawas Sawatchiayamet

Film Studio

Fine and Applied Art Division Mahidol University International College, White Light Studio


Local Color Films


Nopachai Jayanama, Sirapan Wattanajinda

Project Description

The first ever Educational Institution and professional production house collaborative project made by students and faculty in cooperation with Industry Professionals to create a professional standard feature length film released into the domestic film theatrical market, as well as screened globally in foreign festivals, receive national television distribution.


Act I: I started my journey with goodbye ( aka. Lost and blue )

An attractive young and energetic workingwoman, Pim, is about to jump a big leap in her career success. She is offered by her boss to work abroad. It is a sudden movement that she would have to fly within 2 days, but she welcomes the opportunity with joy and no hesitation. The whole time, her cell phone keeps vibrating continuously that she finally needs to excuse herself and take a call.

That night, she celebrates the success with friends at her apartment. It was fun and seems to be a perfect day for her, until all the friends left and her cell phone rang the 22nd time. It is a phone call from her sister, who tells her that her father has just died and the funeral is tomorrow. Pym tells her sister that she will not be there and hangs up the phone. She feels confused and isolated. As the story progress, through the growing friendship/relationship with her male neighbor, she is able to see how distant she has grown from everyone around her, and the importance of closure.

Act II: I saw fireflies light up the starless night sky ( aka. The Glow)

Mai, a young girl of 15, returns home during her boarding school summer holidays to live with her workaholic father. After her parents separation and years of disconnect, Mai and her father barely speak; a strained relationship with no sign of improvement. On the road back, looking deep into forest behind her factory home, odd red lights pulse, beckoning her to enter. Venturing in, she discovers a mysterious tunnel and a boy, living within the dark space; it's muddy walls covered by fireflies that behave in an unnatural, almost possessed manner. Once inside, she cannot leave. Not only must she discover the key to her own escape, but also away to break the dark pattern of entrapment, freeing both the mysterious boy and the fireflies themselves. And in doing so discover what is truly missing from her life, her father's love.

Act III: I whisper my secrets into the sea ( aka. Youth )

Sai, a young girl who has a fascination with the sea becomes acquainted with a middle aged man, Non, after he tried to saved her from drowning. But as they grow closer, what Sai thought as of a special friendship turns into something she was not anticipated for. With this realization, Sai mysteriously and unwillingly cheats time and grows into an adult in a very short time with no memory of herself apart from the time spent with Non. She must go back to what she has been running away from to realize what youth means to her, in order to reverse this supernatural occurrence.